Pocket Watch Repair and Restoration

We do not.

Do you give estimates?

Yes, if you're willing to pay the extra shipping/duty charges and allow for longer wait times, and as long as your country is not known for excessive Customs delays or packages that frequently get lost or stolen.  

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​  Packing Instructions

Any and all shipping insurance is entirely your choice, both sending and receiving.

Of course, but we have to see the watch first, or at least sharp, clear, well-lit photos of the piece instead.

What is your turnaround time?

Do you work on wristwatches?

The open market is the best indicator of value, so patiently observe auction houses to see what similar pieces sell for. Resist the temptation to buy anything that glitters, and it's always financially smarter to buy the best watch that you can afford rather than going broke trying to restore a non-running clunker.   

Do you guarantee your work?

Most of the prices are on the ​ Watch Repair  page, but once the watch gets on the bench we will write you with a rough idea. Unless the piece is rare or has sentimental value, there is a financial cut-off point for every timepiece, because not every watch is worth restoring - or even repairing. If yours is coming close to crossing that financial line we will have a conversation about how far you wish to take the restoration.     

Once it's in the hands of the US Post Office it's out of ours, so we can't control that part of it, but if your watch fails in a reasonable amount of time because of something we missed, then we will of course make it right.  If you drop it in the parking lot at work because you didn't have it chained, then that's on you.    

Write us in advance when shipping clocks.

How much will it cost to fix my watch?

Roughly 2 to 3 weeks, depending on whether parts can be found, or if we have to hand-fabricate them.     

Watch Guides are an excellent starting point, but they're not the price Bible - just because it's printed there does not automatically entitle you to that amount. Condition, rarity, and originality all play into it. 

How much is my watch worth?

When was my watch made?

Do you ship internationally?

Several American companies, like Hamilton and Waltham, left comprehensive records behind, so it's possible to research yours to find exact dates. Other companies, such as Seth Thomas and South Bend, left virtually no paper trail, so in some instances it's simply not possible to find the date of manufacture.

Please make sure that anything you send us is packed in a sturdy, appropriately-sized cardboard box with enough padding to safeguard the watch.  Envelopes and media mailers do not provide adequate protection!    

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We use the US Postal Service, since they have yet to lose anything that we have entrusted to them.

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