Pocket Watch Repair and Restoration


Prevent similar tragedies with these supple straps and soft bow protectors, hand-made one at a time from genuine top-grain leather in a variety of styles, lengths and colors, and trimmed with brass or nickel-silver appointments.       


  • Watch display cases
  • Watchmaker's benches
  • Domed displays 
  • Crystal and parts cabinets

​Pictured here is a very rare San Jose watch, one of a dozen known to exist, showing the serial numbers of all of its individual components for provenance.  

Other than a good set of screwdrivers there is no more important tool to a watchmaker than a quality staking set.   



Whether you own a single piece or an entire collection, we can capture your watches on film and send you the files for your security, even if it's for re-sale, insurance purposes, record-keeping, or just the sheer enjoyment of the hobby.   

We can refurbish your set, stripping and refinishing the case, polishing the anvil, removing rust and scale off the stakes while truing up the tips, cleaning the stumps and replacing missing ones.  

Documentation starting at $65.

Contact us for prices and for lead times.


​  Leather Straps

Custom Cabinets


​  Documentation


We can make just about any horological piece you could imagine, all with your choice of lighting and hardware styles.   

Bow protectors starting at $3.

Leather straps starting at $25.

Contact us for prices and for lead times.

We'll give you a realistic idea of what your timepiece would bring at auction - not an inflated number for insurance fraud or a lowball price so we could buy it for cheap.  Send us photos and we'll speak over the phone.    

Curious what your watch is worth?  Or that piece found at a garage sale or that small collection you inherited?   

Occasionally a customer needs proof of originality by verifying the jewel count, serial numbers, or patent dates, which is sometimes necessary for insurance.

Photography starting at $35.

We offer studio-quality photography.     

My first pocket watch bounced a foot off the floor an hour after I bought it.       

​  Staking Sets

​  Watch Photography