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We value watches as much as you do, so we treat them like ours. My name is Eric Unselt, a grumpy OCD German who will stop at nothing in fully restoring your watch and making sure every aspect of it is completely correct. Welcome to my website, and as a collector I also maintain the  Seth Thomas Research   site.      

We accept Paypal, bank checks, personal checks, and cash in US funds only. For repairs, custom work, or special pricing please click the Pay Now button.  

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"I have bought many watches from American Timekeeper.  The prices are very reasonable and the watches are better than advertised, arriving on time in great condition."  --  Ron R,  Delaware

"I was left my grandmother's mantle clock that was not working. I sent it to American Timekeeper, and not only did they get it running, they fabricated a part in-house, and gave me a value and brief  history of the clock.  Now I sound like an expert when friends and family ask about the clock, and it runs beautifully.  Thank you!"  --  Jack S,  Virginia

“Beyond being a great watch repairman, Eric is an outstanding Watchmaker, in the truest sense of the word.  His horological knowledge is amazing, and he is able to completely restore your watch (parts availability not-withstanding), so that you can claim any watch he has worked on is in “original” condition.  Accuracy of your watch is of the utmost consideration too; your watch will always tell great time when you get it back.  I would trust my finest watch to his knowledge and craftsmanship.”  --  Chuck H,  Idaho

"There are many watch repair folks available; one only needs to go down to the local jewelry shop and let some schmuck tear up your valuable keepsake ... but to find someone that will treat your watch as their own from beginning to end you have to send it to Eric at American Timekeeper, and I guarantee you will be thrilled by the results.  I am a collector, and have sent dozens of watches - Elgin, Hamilton, Waltham, Illinois and others - and have always been very satisfied with the results, and I'm sure you will be also."  --  Jerry K,  California

"I have a family heirloom carriage clock that nobody had been able to fix; it had sat motionless on the mantle for 20 years. This clock was extremely sentimental to my mother and I wanted to get it running for her birthday.  American Timekeeper restored my clock and had it running perfectly within a few days!  I am happy to report that my mother was thrilled and our clock now sits on the mantle, ticking away.  Thank you!"  --  Jennifer D,  Canada



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"If you are looking to have a pocket watch restored so that it looks and performs as it did the day it left the factory then send that watch to Eric.  Absolute perfection done at reasonable prices."  --  Fred O,  Hawaii

 Clock Repair

"Eric is the most thorough and exacting watch restoration provider I have ever worked with.  His knowledge and workmanship are unequalled."  --  Eric W,  New Hampshire

"Eric's level of knowledge,  skill at his craft,  and dedication to achieve perfection is very difficult to find these days. If you are looking for an old-world craftsman to return your old-world mechanical masterpiece to original, American Timekeeper is your answer."  --  Joe B,  Pennsylvania

My Dad found this rare Hamilton 993 laying in the weeds next to the Erie Canal over 40 years ago, and was my very first watch.    

"Eric's work is to an extremely high standard, giving you a full breakdown on what work has been carried out and to guide you on repair and cost. Always a pleasure with communication and an expert in his field, offering a whole range of fabulous old watches for sale in incredible working condition.  His repairs continue to attract me to older watches that are in need of work and I know that if I send him a watch it comes back in full working condition, and the attention to detail is way beyond my expectations.  If you want to buy a pocket watch or have one repaired, look no further - I can highly recommend Eric at American Timekeeper."  --  Barry H,  Ohio