Pocket Watch Repair and Restoration

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American Timekeeper Pocket Watch Repair

Today these mechanical works of art are highly sought after by collectors worldwide. They are prized reminders of America's manufacturing capabilities when precision instruments were hand-made, using tools and machinery powered by water wheels prior to the invention of Edison's light bulb.      

Pocket watch repair

Pocket watch repair

About Us

Preserving History

Before electricity and telephones, America ran on its railroads, and timepieces played a big part. At the height of the industry in the late 1890s, American companies made some of the most beautiful as well as the most accurate pocket watches in the world.  

We can do and make things that you won't find anywhere else, such as:

* Enamel Replacement

* Hand Bluing

Watchmaker's Benches

* Dial Cleaning

* Staff Fabrication

* Display Cases

* Collection Photography

Restoring and maintaining antique American pocket watches of all makes and sizes since 2007.

My Dad found this Hamilton 993 laying in the weeds next to the Erie Canal over 40 years ago, and was my very first watch. 

Curious about what makes a pocket watch tick?

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We value watches just as much as you do, so we treat them like ours.



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